Jan 9, 2010

Success actually FINDS you!!!

Well okay,its time to put some of my works and thoughts into action
hope you enjoy it :)

People call you a loser?They think you don't have what it takes?But you think they are wrong?
Actually YOU must be wrong for the most part because you lack a few things.

You want success?
First you need to get these done first before you aim for success.
Requirements for success [teenager style] ;)
1. PEACE of mind.
This is the hardest part and I know its stupid to start off with this way,but TRUST me.
You master this then the others will become a bit more easy
Now,1st what is peace of mind?
peace of mind is a state you attain after you get rid of ALL those bullshitter's ego problems,repulsive thoughts and after you kill a person. O_o (Oops :D)
Sorry about that.The last one is just for me :P
Yeah,so its what is simply called calmness.
You get this by meditation. You just remove all that guilt ,sorrow and anger off first and then continue reading this.This will take a lot of time,and if you have any crushes ;) you better tune them off right now.

There is a lot of resources online for meditation like articles,stories and methodologies. Just try reading them and give that a try.

2. HEALTH :yeah!!!! YOUR health
Health is wealth ;)
If you have AIDS and you want to be successful then I'm telling you, that'll need too much of mind set for that to happen.You really need to be healthy to be really successful.This shit is totally self explanatory.BUT I do have 1 piece of advice.
STOP having too much sex in (any form)and if your a teen its totally meant for YOU!

3. HEALTHy ;) Relationships
Now this is probably the most problematic thing for you people out there.
Most people just dont have good relationships with others.Let it be friends,relatives or spouses.
# If your a backstabber then,personally....FUCK you!
Nothings gonna work out if your gonna cheat your own friends.They might actually save your life or,OR sue your ass something later.
Check your attitude first,be friendly with everyone and take life VERY easy.LOVE eveyone and care for everyone even if you HATE them.
If you have any problems feel free to share it with me.I'll try to help you out. :)
*goodness* :P

 4.Financial Freedom
Reader:what the fuck? How does this even matter?
Me:Yes,Its everything here in this world.
You need money for everything from paying rents to getting a girl? (hm,I'm really bad at giving examples :| )
Your a teenager with tremendous potential and you want to show this world what you really got then,yes,you need money to do that TOO.

Its hard to enjoy life if your not sure on how to get the required money.

5.Worthy Goals and Ideas:
You need to have a goal in your life.The best way to drive you is try finding the purpose for your life.
Why were you born? Your destined to do something man! Be it a pimp or a? hm.....CEO?? lol
So,try to set goals and ALSO why are you setting these goals?
You want to show someone what you really got?
Think about it and write it down.
Go through it once and try figuring that out .

6.Self Actualization:
Check out the dictionary frist :P
No,I care for you guys so I'm telling it myself. :) ;)
It refers to the desire for self-fulfillment, namely, to the tendency for him to become actualized in what he is potentially.
English dude!
Yeah,it means that:
You should actually feel it,You should have a feeling that you are becoming what you want to become and also a feeling of  "desire" to achieve MORE!!!!

So thats about it:
START working for success AFTER you feel you've satisfied these requirements.

I hope some of you hated it and some of you found this crapola useful. :)

Peaceout!!! CHICKEN heads :D ;)
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