Dec 21, 2009

December 21st...//Contention

So...Today I had a tough day.
I did my mathematics exam and I totally flunked it.I was feeling really down after the exam got over.My mind almost lost hope and I had to fight within to regain my confidence.I'm not trying to be over confident or anything but today I realized that if I had put a little bit more effort to my goal,I could have done it.I'm sure of it.
I'm a product of this universe.I am made up of the same material successful people are made up off.
Only the magnitude of effort taken by each person differs.
So,Bitch....if you are good at something,I can do it too.And the same applies for you too.
Who the fuck said only MJ could only moonwalk "like that"?If I had practiced like him,I can too.Maybe I can make my own "Pluto Walk" too.
Oh!You mean Pluto is not a planet?What the?Its a dwarf? Whats a fucking dwarf?
JFGI man.... {haha}
I quit Facebook today and I'm planning to do MANY things next year and I mean it.
Wait...... why next year and why not right now!????
Yeah,The answer:
Most people kind of feel that starting things on January 1st,would make things look clean and organized and give them time to plan out more things.Human physiology and I feel the same way.
If New Years were on April Fool's Day ...Hahaha..cant imagine the chaos that would create. :D
Today,I did biotechnology and uh,nothin else.Ah,I was listening to Brian Tracy's ---Psychology of Achievement & Success.
I have many ,visit my blog frequently.
Peace out!!!
PS:-To all you download junkies!Demonoid is back.Acutally it was back on December 13th but I found that out only yesterday.The loss of Mininova is really great and the only source that compensates it is Demonoid.

Random Google Thing

I saw this in some blog.
Just wanted to share this with you guys!
Go to Google and type "how to get " and wait for sometime...You'll find a few helpful suggestions. :D
Jus kidding :P =))

Creative Inspirations....

Hey,So.. Ive been planning this for a long time.These people have a really big influence on me.

About the FRiEnDz

‘the FRiEnDz’ is a teen venture by teens, for teens and all about teens.They publish magazines periodically and workshops.These guys are amazing and I'm yet to meet the whole crew.

As I meet many more,I'll update my posts. :D

1.Karthikeyan Ganapathy:
This guy is my age and he is an amazing blogger.He is from Chennai and he's a part of the Friendz team and
unfortunately his blog posts are no longer available since he fused his blog with the Friendz.

2.King Sidharth
This guy is an year older than me and he is from Chandigarh.
One phrase:Multi Talented
Man,I have loads to talk about him ;but I feel you'll understand him better if you visit these links:
 3.Mavan Dhiman
He is an year younger to me,but hes got better writing skills than mine.
Ah,the younger generation people are awesome.He is from Mumbai.
Check him out!
These people are really worth being friends with.
New post coming up:Success Requirements ......

December 20th...//Boiler...

Hey,and today was robotronic man!
Ah,I'm really exhausted right now.
Today was sunny and mathematics really took out a lot from me.
Morning went good.
I saw this movie called "9".
Now,Now...the title might mislead you. ;) Its actually an animation movie.
The movie has got a nice 7.1 rating.
If your that type of person who watchs movies like Tinkerbell and Barbie like me,You'll probably not like it. :P
Though,I liked it! ;) The movie was pretty average and since I saw it on Blu-Ray I had a better experience.It's probably worth a rent if not a buy.

Then,Oh my!
I spent the whole day STudying mathematics. Yeah,I was just skimming through the pages,studying the formulas.And this night will be my longest ever.It's 2A.M IST and I still have many more lessons to complete.Hopefully the paper must be easy.Nothing much going around here and I planning to do a few things ,which I will reveal to you after two days.;)

Peace out, :)

That Night! Making out with Aamir! :D ;)

Just me hanging out with Aamir. ;)
I really wanted to listen to what says,about his movie and other stuff.
Aamir Khan is on a journey to strange places situated in India :P
He keeps changing his disguises so that people don't recognize him and people interact with him more casually.
Okay,this is how my FB page looked like.
People ask questions and he CLEARS them.haha
Check out those questions.
Right side people post their questions.I was on Facebook but people from Ustream also did post questions.
Question 1:
You get comments like these.
Fucking Retard:heya aamir im yaar big fan!pls tell me name naa?
And they GOT answers. :D
Aamir:Oh,Fucking Retard wants me say hi.Hey fucking retard!
Question 2:
Is this movie based to the book Five Point Someone?
Aamir:Ah,Well...I haven't read that book actually but the story started out that way and then,the script deviated a lot.
Question 3:
Are you in Andra Pradesh?
Answer:Uh,Fucking Retard....I cant tell you that.I'm so sorry.I cant reveal to you where I am right now.

Question 4:

Your beard looks awesome!Is it for a movie?
Answer:Its the first time I'm having  a french beard.No,its not for a movie.It just helps me with my disguise.

Thats pretty much what he had answered .He talks about his directors and that got really boring.
Check out this picture ;)
Especially MY comment haha

If I missed anything feel free to comment. :)  

Peace out!

Dec 19, 2009

December 19th...//Commitment and Other Bull Crap

Hey guys!
Life's really starting to look up here.The weather today was..... almost sunny.
This blogging thing has totally got me committed.Its like I cant sleep properly if I dont write blog posts.haha

So,today I had my English exam....and Hey!It went smooth luckily.
I have a few things to talk to you guys about(talk=share)
First off,I find that many people; when I admire them ask me if I'm being sarcastic and others get annoyed by it.Okay,so I made thing thing up.
Admiring a person's talent/ability has two way benefits.The other guy benefits too.
When I admire that person,he/she tends finds me comforting and encouraging which will get THEM motivated to continue doing what they do.And the second benifit is ;D ,I get motivated too.I dont know about you guys but,there is something that motivates me more when I encourage others that drives me crazy.In my last post I told you that ENVY might give you positive results.Yes,It is true...but that does not seem to work on me.If you follow the first method be prepared to give up your Ego.If you are following the second method You'll have to put in extra effort to overcome your self esteem and stuff.So,play around with these options and try to come up with your own ways.And,I have more stuff to share with you guys.I read a lot of self help books to overcome my weaknesses.I'll reveal each technique to you one by one.Sorry guys,I dont let all my stuff out in one stroke,if I do that will I ever get Readers huh? ;) :P
haha...Stay tuned for more stuff like this.
I'll post them randomly ,so visit my blog everyday. Haha..Just kidding ;)
Then...this Monday I have my mathematics exam coming up and I was really down today.Then an idea buzzed me.I started watching scenes from all my favorite moves which I'll reveal to you later. ;)
So,today I got The New Super Mario Bros for my Wii and I all excited about it.I'm planning to test it out this Wednesday after all my exams are over.Nothing more from  my side.
If you are reading this leave a comment telling me about a few crazy  incidents you had with your friends.
Peace out.
PS:-Check out my Creative Inspirations post and ..tomorrow I'll post you guys my thing on English.Basically its about me criticizing almost every literature lesson we have in our 11th grade syllabus.So,hope you enjoy reading them. :)

Dec 18, 2009

December 18th...//Snoop Dogg! :P

What an awesome day!:D
Today's Weather:Cold just like yesterday though its a bit less today.
So today I had my chemistry exam and I have something to share with you guys.
It was approx . a 3 hour paper (8:40-12:00)
I finished mine by 10:20 .
I had to wait till 12:00,till everyone else finishes it :| .I had nothing to do for 2 hours thus I was just looking everywhere to distract myself.There was this girl who sits in front of me...and Oh!I took 1 additional sheet and ended up using only a quarter of the first side .:P
Ten minutes after I finished my paper,this girl asks the invigilator for her second additional sheet and I thought to myself "What the!Is she even human?" Then I ended up convincing myself that it was my poor preparation and maybe the paper deserved 2 additional sheets.Then after sometime again she buzz's!... Ma'am Paper....|Hm...Okay,maybe one more...then again after sometime,Shit 2 more additional sheets! I was really horrified and I thought to myself "Shit,Was my preparation that poor!? " :(
Then,I continued looking everywhere,tried to copy a few answers..which did not go that well.So then alas!I had finished my paper,God knows what I've written..Hopefully I must pass the exam. haha
SO,then I saw something really disturbing and unpleasant on my way back home.
It was this dog,when I was travelling back home and Shit,Ah,It looked disgusting
wait I'll show you MY visual representation....

My MS Paint skills might impress you. :P
basically this x represents the dog's...usually called *****.
and yeah it looks really amazing and stuff.But this is where I realized how creative my mind actually was.....
this thing actually reminded me of this rapper guy 's hair  --Snoop Dogg -his  Hair Strands
Hahaha, you get my point now? :P
So,Then tomorrow I'm having my english test{got postponed to tomorrow 'coz of the rains},and I'm yet to start reading the lessons.Its 11:06pm IST here right now and I have 2 more blogs to complete.They are Creative Inspirations and Rants,Criticizing Subjects-1.English.
Hopefully I'll get them done by today or by tomorrow ---for sure.Rest of the day after my exam I  was just killing time and I was learning this thing called "Silverlight".If you are interested in those kind of stuff feel free to talk with me and I will get back with you guys later. :D
So,Peace Out Yo!

PS:-In tomorrow's blog I'm planning to about about a few things like the positives of ENVYing others,and a few other hacks to make the best out of your mind.
Have any questions post them below and I'd be most happy to clarify your queries.

December 17th...//Endurance

Hey there and HOLY crap!
It's really cold  in here.The rains been pissing here all day;I mean,even after considering my Natural Hotness =))  I still feel very very cold ,lets be optimistic and take it this way...the rain made me look Cooler ;)
And yeah so..ah,I'm making this new post on my "Creative Inspirations"; so...check that out because I mention a few people there.
Yeah so...tomorrow I have my freaking exam :( and today was robotic!I was studying the whole day man!So I limited myself from using Facebook and life is just going okay.
Our area had a power down this morning,and it was a pleasant experience to eat outside my house..listening to punk and watch the rain.I had random thoughts like "Is there an 8th colour?haha" , "Why is it that all my fingers Don't have the same size/shape?" I knew the answer to these questions,just that it buzzed up.AND,....I discovered a new talent inside of me(the catch -->),and I'm not planning to reveal it right NOW ;D

So,I was doing  my Chemist's TRY :P till the evening.Then,for some unknown reason I started feeling really sad and all that.
I tired out a few things to get myself back on again.
First I was listening to some Metal and oh!I was just okay :(
Then I tied some punk effect.When I was randomly searching my music library I found this person called Demi Lovato,and I just gave her a try,Fck,I was back on!
Her voice was so awesome man!when she sings,it was like she was touching my heart without ripping it apart! O.O
Amazing song

Link :
Try using your earphones for a better experience.

So after this,my day was just normal.
And I'm planning to write a blog on "How to motivate yourself? (for teens)" [ sometime later, after i finish collecting all my thoughts]
I'll send you my version for you to beta test it ;and send me all your bugs so that I can debug them and make my v1. release :P
Just a few things I came across,things that actually worked on me.

I'm starting this thing,just to have connection with my readers.

Post me your answer to this question:-
What is Luck exactly ?Do you think Luck has got to do with GOD?

When your posting me your thoughts tell me who you are and also a few things about yourself so that I can get to know my readers better :)
So...see you guys in a while!
PS:-I love you. haha :)

Dec 16, 2009

December 16th...//Addiction! :( :D

My  second day here....
Today..,was unusually AWESOME!
My mood never changed!I was happy throughout the day.
OK,Basically from what I've read....Teenagers have mood swings very frequently.Its got stuff to do with hormones and all that;so ask your biology teacher about that i.e. if she doesn't HATE you.haha  My teacher literally throws rotten tomatoes at me...I've have got such bad impression. ;)
I feel very calm and stable today...its like I created this whole world,scored all the chicks :D!!!!(how amazing is that?? :P)
Now don't give me that look..!!Are you irritated right NOW?Did I annoy You?
Yay!!!! My first step to success!I've got haters :D OMGah!I love haters...they make my life!
Haters and my rivals are the only people who inspire me to do stuff!
Hmmm....1st do I have any readers? :P
Please comment if your reading my blogs....,give me some hate comments!pls?
Or else I'll feel as if I'm taking to my mirror..which,I always ,again..motivate myself!
Bloggin right now...makes me feel better..though I have the same effect when I talk to my mirror.But I just feel more comfortable doing it here...and AHH!!! Punctuating sentences is a really hard task....I have dysgraphia and wackoh! I have sucky ass handwriting....This thing has made me better! :D Thank you blogger ... :)
So....if your readin this....tell me something about yourself in the comments section below.
I really want to try out Vlogging man!I can express myself more that way...maybe sometime later....which,WHICH reminds of YOUTUBE! :D
ah!I'm a complete Youtube maniac and addict.
If I'm surfing the internet and... for example I have 6 tabs open..out of 6 ,3 of them would contain youtube videos :D
Youtube....just changed my life...You'll know what I'm talking about very soon.People from Youtube are just amazing...normal people like me...are SO popular out there...They've got talent!
This is my youtube
You dont need to subscribe to....just check out My subscriptions...those people out there!are just mind blowing! :)
Ah...,the name of the post is addiction ,how stupid of me....never came to that...
Ohk...,here is this theory I came up with
For me if I do something for 12 days minimum, I get addicted to it!
And OH!Facebook,Man!I'm a total addict...
I've being on FB for about 2 years?
Last year it used to be like...I visit FB once every 3 months...BUT,now!!!I 'm on FB almost all the its become this way..I  DONT use FB for 1 day if I take 3 months :P haha
So,Today I decided that I'd avoid FB for a minimum of 12days so that,I overcome my addiction.Hopefully that must work out !!....
And I spent my time..reading some articles on the internet ,doing some search to get some design for my blog....and did some chemistry! was different and hopefully it will be that way for sometime... :)
Have a nice day...
Oh I blogging at the end of the day,here IST!
So good night/evening/morning....blah according to your time zone...
Peace OUT!
HEY!reminder:leave a comment....please guys!

PS:-I was supposed to write my English exam today..and fortunately yesterdays rain delays it by...___days..not sure on that....
Today's weather:sunny for the most part... :D
Oh wise look on the bright side of life!....I love that song

Dec 15, 2009

December 15th...//Prologue!

Hello folks!....
This is probably my first meaningful* blog post.So I hope you enjoy reading my entries. :)
Today my life went thorugh a huge turn!Yep,You guessed it right!
I'm Blogging yo!
Why?You might ask me...Why after all these years...!??
My Answer:
This is not the first time I'm doing this,I've tried Blogging 3 years before but the only problem was I had nothing to share with you guys at that time.The reason why I'm doing this NOW is because I'm a TEENAGER..which means every single moment of my life has meaning* in it.The second reason is because I was inspired by this movie called Julie & Julia.You guys should definitely check that out. I think that movie might be nominated for the 82nd Academy Awards!
So...moving on.......
I'm in High School,a 11th I'm having my Exams right now  :(
BUT,I'm still Blogging.... haha...
Today I pretty much did nothing but read some chemistry(I'm not a nUrd btw),listen to music :D and Blog.
Weather Report:Its raining here guys!!!!
I'll post my stuff everyday,so stay Tuned!
Peace out!!!!!~~~~~~ ;):D :)

PS:-Sorry people,I use a lot of smileys to express myself..Its a  social networking disease. ;D