Jan 9, 2010

January 8th...//A Failure!

NOW,before you throw rotten tomatoes and used condoms at me (hm...now that's a weird combo :P)
Hear ME out.
I know I haven't blogged for a LAANguh time but,I have "normal,acceptable and uh maybe lame" >.> <.<
reasons for it like school,busY ness :P etc,etc.

Thus,I will not be blogging everyday but once every week summarizing what happened!
I'm sure you don't like that :D
SHOW me your ANGER!!!! ;)

So, then I named this shit A Failure instead of Quantum Leap which is supposed to be the actual title because you like negative terms a lot! :D
That'll make you read my crap. ;)
Well actually the title has got everything to do with this post.
I had my vacation and for Christmas,I did nothing but listen to carols.
Co'mon! I don't believe in Elfs,Jesus or Christ!!!
I hope those three ghosts dont show up to make me realise the spirit of christmas. :D
If you dont know what I'm talking about,read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickhead...Ooops,I meant Dickens.
(now do not mistake me,there is just much more to talk to on this topic which will be done later )  :)
And rest of the days I used up time thinking about my future plans for 2010.
New stuff I found on Twitter, which I liked
"If you thought of something, you own it in its incipient form." Pretty nice eh?

And the weather here is just like our government,it varies AND its fucked up. [If your in India,that's actually not supposed to offend you :( ]

Then,one of my close friends made me as aband manager for the band "Flame Corps". (more details coming up! )
That did come with a lot of responsibility though I did not do anything. :P
Which,REMINDS me of Spiderman!
Catch phrase of  the movie:With great comes GREAT responsibility. :|
RIP to all those who died after hearing it a thousand times. :P
Then why am I still here? I'm abnormal! :D
I predicted my school results and I was waiting for it;I made a BIG list of new year resolutions to FOLLOW(Honest) and I will.
Beginning of the END?
2009-WOW,it was the best year of my life!
It had too many positives in it.
I made many friends and learnt a lot of stuff more than you can even IMAGINE!!???
It made me realize many things in life,just not possible to express it in words..at least my vocabulary cannot :) *modesty* ;)
I really, really hope 2010 will be better than this. :)
Enjoy 2010 guys!!!

Then came the:--------
BOREDumb Days:
Hah,the day finally came....school reopened and we got our marks and shit,that was the worst day of my life
I went from the Surface to the Core of the Earth.
Hm,that didnt explain things well :|
My mind was totally fucked up at that time and I tried to act all cool but,didnt work out very well.
I totally lost it,LOST....searching for some HOPE and I did find it after I got a new way to work for my exams -the catch ,I'll reveal after sometime. ;)
I did promise(?) you guys that I'll be doing a few extra blog posts and so,I'm doing one right after I finish this one as a separate one. :) (by the way that rant "thing" I mentioned ;that will have to wait.)

Right now,I spending really less time on the internet compared to what I used to and hopefully that will also contribute to my future "success". YEAH,I believe in it!!!!!!
So then Peace Out!~~~~

PS:-I was on Facebook after my last post and then I had to quit again but this time its been 3 days and I still haven't activated it!! *yay*
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