Dec 21, 2009

December 21st...//Contention

So...Today I had a tough day.
I did my mathematics exam and I totally flunked it.I was feeling really down after the exam got over.My mind almost lost hope and I had to fight within to regain my confidence.I'm not trying to be over confident or anything but today I realized that if I had put a little bit more effort to my goal,I could have done it.I'm sure of it.
I'm a product of this universe.I am made up of the same material successful people are made up off.
Only the magnitude of effort taken by each person differs.
So,Bitch....if you are good at something,I can do it too.And the same applies for you too.
Who the fuck said only MJ could only moonwalk "like that"?If I had practiced like him,I can too.Maybe I can make my own "Pluto Walk" too.
Oh!You mean Pluto is not a planet?What the?Its a dwarf? Whats a fucking dwarf?
JFGI man.... {haha}
I quit Facebook today and I'm planning to do MANY things next year and I mean it.
Wait...... why next year and why not right now!????
Yeah,The answer:
Most people kind of feel that starting things on January 1st,would make things look clean and organized and give them time to plan out more things.Human physiology and I feel the same way.
If New Years were on April Fool's Day ...Hahaha..cant imagine the chaos that would create. :D
Today,I did biotechnology and uh,nothin else.Ah,I was listening to Brian Tracy's ---Psychology of Achievement & Success.
I have many ,visit my blog frequently.
Peace out!!!
PS:-To all you download junkies!Demonoid is back.Acutally it was back on December 13th but I found that out only yesterday.The loss of Mininova is really great and the only source that compensates it is Demonoid.
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