Dec 18, 2009

December 17th...//Endurance

Hey there and HOLY crap!
It's really cold  in here.The rains been pissing here all day;I mean,even after considering my Natural Hotness =))  I still feel very very cold ,lets be optimistic and take it this way...the rain made me look Cooler ;)
And yeah so..ah,I'm making this new post on my "Creative Inspirations"; so...check that out because I mention a few people there.
Yeah so...tomorrow I have my freaking exam :( and today was robotic!I was studying the whole day man!So I limited myself from using Facebook and life is just going okay.
Our area had a power down this morning,and it was a pleasant experience to eat outside my house..listening to punk and watch the rain.I had random thoughts like "Is there an 8th colour?haha" , "Why is it that all my fingers Don't have the same size/shape?" I knew the answer to these questions,just that it buzzed up.AND,....I discovered a new talent inside of me(the catch -->),and I'm not planning to reveal it right NOW ;D

So,I was doing  my Chemist's TRY :P till the evening.Then,for some unknown reason I started feeling really sad and all that.
I tired out a few things to get myself back on again.
First I was listening to some Metal and oh!I was just okay :(
Then I tied some punk effect.When I was randomly searching my music library I found this person called Demi Lovato,and I just gave her a try,Fck,I was back on!
Her voice was so awesome man!when she sings,it was like she was touching my heart without ripping it apart! O.O
Amazing song

Link :
Try using your earphones for a better experience.

So after this,my day was just normal.
And I'm planning to write a blog on "How to motivate yourself? (for teens)" [ sometime later, after i finish collecting all my thoughts]
I'll send you my version for you to beta test it ;and send me all your bugs so that I can debug them and make my v1. release :P
Just a few things I came across,things that actually worked on me.

I'm starting this thing,just to have connection with my readers.

Post me your answer to this question:-
What is Luck exactly ?Do you think Luck has got to do with GOD?

When your posting me your thoughts tell me who you are and also a few things about yourself so that I can get to know my readers better :)
So...see you guys in a while!
PS:-I love you. haha :)
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