Dec 16, 2009

December 16th...//Addiction! :( :D

My  second day here....
Today..,was unusually AWESOME!
My mood never changed!I was happy throughout the day.
OK,Basically from what I've read....Teenagers have mood swings very frequently.Its got stuff to do with hormones and all that;so ask your biology teacher about that i.e. if she doesn't HATE you.haha  My teacher literally throws rotten tomatoes at me...I've have got such bad impression. ;)
I feel very calm and stable today...its like I created this whole world,scored all the chicks :D!!!!(how amazing is that?? :P)
Now don't give me that look..!!Are you irritated right NOW?Did I annoy You?
Yay!!!! My first step to success!I've got haters :D OMGah!I love haters...they make my life!
Haters and my rivals are the only people who inspire me to do stuff!
Hmmm....1st do I have any readers? :P
Please comment if your reading my blogs....,give me some hate comments!pls?
Or else I'll feel as if I'm taking to my mirror..which,I always ,again..motivate myself!
Bloggin right now...makes me feel better..though I have the same effect when I talk to my mirror.But I just feel more comfortable doing it here...and AHH!!! Punctuating sentences is a really hard task....I have dysgraphia and wackoh! I have sucky ass handwriting....This thing has made me better! :D Thank you blogger ... :)
So....if your readin this....tell me something about yourself in the comments section below.
I really want to try out Vlogging man!I can express myself more that way...maybe sometime later....which,WHICH reminds of YOUTUBE! :D
ah!I'm a complete Youtube maniac and addict.
If I'm surfing the internet and... for example I have 6 tabs open..out of 6 ,3 of them would contain youtube videos :D
Youtube....just changed my life...You'll know what I'm talking about very soon.People from Youtube are just amazing...normal people like me...are SO popular out there...They've got talent!
This is my youtube
You dont need to subscribe to....just check out My subscriptions...those people out there!are just mind blowing! :)
Ah...,the name of the post is addiction ,how stupid of me....never came to that...
Ohk...,here is this theory I came up with
For me if I do something for 12 days minimum, I get addicted to it!
And OH!Facebook,Man!I'm a total addict...
I've being on FB for about 2 years?
Last year it used to be like...I visit FB once every 3 months...BUT,now!!!I 'm on FB almost all the its become this way..I  DONT use FB for 1 day if I take 3 months :P haha
So,Today I decided that I'd avoid FB for a minimum of 12days so that,I overcome my addiction.Hopefully that must work out !!....
And I spent my time..reading some articles on the internet ,doing some search to get some design for my blog....and did some chemistry! was different and hopefully it will be that way for sometime... :)
Have a nice day...
Oh I blogging at the end of the day,here IST!
So good night/evening/morning....blah according to your time zone...
Peace OUT!
HEY!reminder:leave a comment....please guys!

PS:-I was supposed to write my English exam today..and fortunately yesterdays rain delays it by...___days..not sure on that....
Today's weather:sunny for the most part... :D
Oh wise look on the bright side of life!....I love that song
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