Dec 21, 2009

That Night! Making out with Aamir! :D ;)

Just me hanging out with Aamir. ;)
I really wanted to listen to what says,about his movie and other stuff.
Aamir Khan is on a journey to strange places situated in India :P
He keeps changing his disguises so that people don't recognize him and people interact with him more casually.
Okay,this is how my FB page looked like.
People ask questions and he CLEARS them.haha
Check out those questions.
Right side people post their questions.I was on Facebook but people from Ustream also did post questions.
Question 1:
You get comments like these.
Fucking Retard:heya aamir im yaar big fan!pls tell me name naa?
And they GOT answers. :D
Aamir:Oh,Fucking Retard wants me say hi.Hey fucking retard!
Question 2:
Is this movie based to the book Five Point Someone?
Aamir:Ah,Well...I haven't read that book actually but the story started out that way and then,the script deviated a lot.
Question 3:
Are you in Andra Pradesh?
Answer:Uh,Fucking Retard....I cant tell you that.I'm so sorry.I cant reveal to you where I am right now.

Question 4:

Your beard looks awesome!Is it for a movie?
Answer:Its the first time I'm having  a french beard.No,its not for a movie.It just helps me with my disguise.

Thats pretty much what he had answered .He talks about his directors and that got really boring.
Check out this picture ;)
Especially MY comment haha

If I missed anything feel free to comment. :)  

Peace out!

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