Dec 21, 2009

December 20th...//Boiler...

Hey,and today was robotronic man!
Ah,I'm really exhausted right now.
Today was sunny and mathematics really took out a lot from me.
Morning went good.
I saw this movie called "9".
Now,Now...the title might mislead you. ;) Its actually an animation movie.
The movie has got a nice 7.1 rating.
If your that type of person who watchs movies like Tinkerbell and Barbie like me,You'll probably not like it. :P
Though,I liked it! ;) The movie was pretty average and since I saw it on Blu-Ray I had a better experience.It's probably worth a rent if not a buy.

Then,Oh my!
I spent the whole day STudying mathematics. Yeah,I was just skimming through the pages,studying the formulas.And this night will be my longest ever.It's 2A.M IST and I still have many more lessons to complete.Hopefully the paper must be easy.Nothing much going around here and I planning to do a few things ,which I will reveal to you after two days.;)

Peace out, :)
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