Dec 15, 2009

December 15th...//Prologue!

Hello folks!....
This is probably my first meaningful* blog post.So I hope you enjoy reading my entries. :)
Today my life went thorugh a huge turn!Yep,You guessed it right!
I'm Blogging yo!
Why?You might ask me...Why after all these years...!??
My Answer:
This is not the first time I'm doing this,I've tried Blogging 3 years before but the only problem was I had nothing to share with you guys at that time.The reason why I'm doing this NOW is because I'm a TEENAGER..which means every single moment of my life has meaning* in it.The second reason is because I was inspired by this movie called Julie & Julia.You guys should definitely check that out. I think that movie might be nominated for the 82nd Academy Awards!
So...moving on.......
I'm in High School,a 11th I'm having my Exams right now  :(
BUT,I'm still Blogging.... haha...
Today I pretty much did nothing but read some chemistry(I'm not a nUrd btw),listen to music :D and Blog.
Weather Report:Its raining here guys!!!!
I'll post my stuff everyday,so stay Tuned!
Peace out!!!!!~~~~~~ ;):D :)

PS:-Sorry people,I use a lot of smileys to express myself..Its a  social networking disease. ;D
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