Dec 18, 2009

December 18th...//Snoop Dogg! :P

What an awesome day!:D
Today's Weather:Cold just like yesterday though its a bit less today.
So today I had my chemistry exam and I have something to share with you guys.
It was approx . a 3 hour paper (8:40-12:00)
I finished mine by 10:20 .
I had to wait till 12:00,till everyone else finishes it :| .I had nothing to do for 2 hours thus I was just looking everywhere to distract myself.There was this girl who sits in front of me...and Oh!I took 1 additional sheet and ended up using only a quarter of the first side .:P
Ten minutes after I finished my paper,this girl asks the invigilator for her second additional sheet and I thought to myself "What the!Is she even human?" Then I ended up convincing myself that it was my poor preparation and maybe the paper deserved 2 additional sheets.Then after sometime again she buzz's!... Ma'am Paper....|Hm...Okay,maybe one more...then again after sometime,Shit 2 more additional sheets! I was really horrified and I thought to myself "Shit,Was my preparation that poor!? " :(
Then,I continued looking everywhere,tried to copy a few answers..which did not go that well.So then alas!I had finished my paper,God knows what I've written..Hopefully I must pass the exam. haha
SO,then I saw something really disturbing and unpleasant on my way back home.
It was this dog,when I was travelling back home and Shit,Ah,It looked disgusting
wait I'll show you MY visual representation....

My MS Paint skills might impress you. :P
basically this x represents the dog's...usually called *****.
and yeah it looks really amazing and stuff.But this is where I realized how creative my mind actually was.....
this thing actually reminded me of this rapper guy 's hair  --Snoop Dogg -his  Hair Strands
Hahaha, you get my point now? :P
So,Then tomorrow I'm having my english test{got postponed to tomorrow 'coz of the rains},and I'm yet to start reading the lessons.Its 11:06pm IST here right now and I have 2 more blogs to complete.They are Creative Inspirations and Rants,Criticizing Subjects-1.English.
Hopefully I'll get them done by today or by tomorrow ---for sure.Rest of the day after my exam I  was just killing time and I was learning this thing called "Silverlight".If you are interested in those kind of stuff feel free to talk with me and I will get back with you guys later. :D
So,Peace Out Yo!

PS:-In tomorrow's blog I'm planning to about about a few things like the positives of ENVYing others,and a few other hacks to make the best out of your mind.
Have any questions post them below and I'd be most happy to clarify your queries.
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