Dec 19, 2009

December 19th...//Commitment and Other Bull Crap

Hey guys!
Life's really starting to look up here.The weather today was..... almost sunny.
This blogging thing has totally got me committed.Its like I cant sleep properly if I dont write blog posts.haha

So,today I had my English exam....and Hey!It went smooth luckily.
I have a few things to talk to you guys about(talk=share)
First off,I find that many people; when I admire them ask me if I'm being sarcastic and others get annoyed by it.Okay,so I made thing thing up.
Admiring a person's talent/ability has two way benefits.The other guy benefits too.
When I admire that person,he/she tends finds me comforting and encouraging which will get THEM motivated to continue doing what they do.And the second benifit is ;D ,I get motivated too.I dont know about you guys but,there is something that motivates me more when I encourage others that drives me crazy.In my last post I told you that ENVY might give you positive results.Yes,It is true...but that does not seem to work on me.If you follow the first method be prepared to give up your Ego.If you are following the second method You'll have to put in extra effort to overcome your self esteem and stuff.So,play around with these options and try to come up with your own ways.And,I have more stuff to share with you guys.I read a lot of self help books to overcome my weaknesses.I'll reveal each technique to you one by one.Sorry guys,I dont let all my stuff out in one stroke,if I do that will I ever get Readers huh? ;) :P
haha...Stay tuned for more stuff like this.
I'll post them randomly ,so visit my blog everyday. Haha..Just kidding ;)
Then...this Monday I have my mathematics exam coming up and I was really down today.Then an idea buzzed me.I started watching scenes from all my favorite moves which I'll reveal to you later. ;)
So,today I got The New Super Mario Bros for my Wii and I all excited about it.I'm planning to test it out this Wednesday after all my exams are over.Nothing more from  my side.
If you are reading this leave a comment telling me about a few crazy  incidents you had with your friends.
Peace out.
PS:-Check out my Creative Inspirations post and ..tomorrow I'll post you guys my thing on English.Basically its about me criticizing almost every literature lesson we have in our 11th grade syllabus.So,hope you enjoy reading them. :)
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