Dec 21, 2009

Creative Inspirations....

Hey,So.. Ive been planning this for a long time.These people have a really big influence on me.

About the FRiEnDz

‘the FRiEnDz’ is a teen venture by teens, for teens and all about teens.They publish magazines periodically and workshops.These guys are amazing and I'm yet to meet the whole crew.

As I meet many more,I'll update my posts. :D

1.Karthikeyan Ganapathy:
This guy is my age and he is an amazing blogger.He is from Chennai and he's a part of the Friendz team and
unfortunately his blog posts are no longer available since he fused his blog with the Friendz.

2.King Sidharth
This guy is an year older than me and he is from Chandigarh.
One phrase:Multi Talented
Man,I have loads to talk about him ;but I feel you'll understand him better if you visit these links:
 3.Mavan Dhiman
He is an year younger to me,but hes got better writing skills than mine.
Ah,the younger generation people are awesome.He is from Mumbai.
Check him out!
These people are really worth being friends with.
New post coming up:Success Requirements ......
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